Angie and Alexa

Meet Angie & Alexa

With over 20 years of combined experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, chefs Angie & Alexa have joined forces using their unique styles and culinary & confectionery prowess to open Taste Buddy.

What is Taste Buddy?

Taste Buddy is a feel-good food product brand! Our entire store is 100% Gluten Free and freshly baked in-house. We pride ourselves on keeping our products trendy but mindful.

Meet Angie

Born and raised in New Jersey, Angie has always had a passion for food and hospitality. She humbly began her career at 15 composing bread baskets and plated desserts at a local Cuban Restaurant. After receiving her bachelors degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Angie continued her journey pursuing hospitality. Having worked as a Captain at Common Lot in Millburn and exploring management at Viaggio Risorante & Osteria Crescendo, she decided to try her hand at entrepreneurialism and found success doing diet focused meal preparations for her local community. She’s now partnered with friend and Chef Alexa Clark to bring about Taste Buddy.

Meet Alexa

Growing up with a sweet tooth, Alexa’s interest in the art of confections began when she was just a little girl. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in 2009, she began her career in the discipline of baking & pastry. Working for acclaimed restaurants such as The Raymond 1886 in Pasadena, CA and Common Lot located in Millburn NJ, Alexa accumulated a wealth of experience. After a decade of working in restaurants and bakeshops, she’s now teaming up with Chef Angie Segura to bring to life Taste Buddy.

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